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INSPECTIONS ANNOUNCEMENT:  Most private construction activity within the State of Washington has been declared a “non-essential activity” by the Governor’s March 23rd Stay Home, Stay Healthy” Order and the March 25th “Guidance on construction” clarification. Emergency repairs and appliance replacements, such as water heaters, furnaces, or other repairs necessary to maintain the safety and integrity of the building may be exempt from the Governor’s Orders. For projects that are compliant or exempt, the City will continue to provide inspections. Please reference the City’s Temporary Inspection Policy. Please direct questions about whether your project may proceed in a manner compliant with the Governor’s Orders to

Log in above to your contractor account or public user account by selecting from the drop-down menu in the orange bar at the top of the page to schedule inspections for existing permits or to apply online for the following select construction permits or land use projects:

Land Use Project Online Applications:
Pre-application Meeting Requests
Nonconforming Building/Use Certifications
Zoning Verification Letters
Hazardous Tree Removal

Construction Permit Online Applications:                                                 
Mechanical Online: SFR, Duplex, & Townhomes Only                        
Building Online: Re-Roofing SFR & Duplex                                         
Sewer Utility Online: Side sewer repair/alt & backwater valves           
Public Works Utility: Franchise/public utility work in R.O.W.               
Plumbing Online  
Electrical Online: Contractor Only
Traffic Street Use Online:TSU Permits for traffic control & closures

Note:  All other permit applications must be applied for in hard copy at the permit counter.

Paper applications and more information can be found on the Everett Permit Services website.

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Land Use Projects



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